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Parione9 Gallery presents the exhibition TRANS-SI♭, the first step of Gerlanda di Francia's solo show in collaboration with musician Luca Tomassini.
TRANS-SI♭, curated by Rossana Calbi, is a journey developed into nine boxes, handpainted dioramas, and melodies composed by Tomassini.
The work derives from the artists' journey on the Trans-Siberian train, from the old railway of Kotelnich to the factories of Perm and Ekaterinburg, from the cultural center of Novosibirsk beyond the border of the Urals, in the asiatic landscapes close to the region of Manchuria. The two artists illustrate how music can materialize and turn into color, in their imaginary reconstruction of the travel experience.
Luca Tomassini's melodies emphasize the feeling of waiting typical of the B-flat note, metaphor of a long voyage, in which the visitor becomes a passanger of Gerlanda's coach-boxes, small tridimensional artworks which represent fantastic visions from the window of a train. One needs to travel for 9000 km to reach Vladivostok: the middle C, the end of our trip. These 9000 km represent the silence in which we write postcards to those who waved us goodbye at the beginning of the trip, and will find us profoundly changed at our return.
The music is intentionally incomplete, so to find its purpose in Gerlanda's handmade silhouttes. The work and collaboration of these two artists takes us into a muffled journey seeking new visions.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
* M. Proust

Exhibition design by Marta Bandini, Elettra Bottazzi and Rossana Calbi

Gerlanda di Francia. TRANS-SI♭ is the second solo show of Gerlanda Di Francia, curated by Rossana Calbi. The paths of the artist and the curator developed recently with the group show such as Like A Virgin, Fantasticherie di un Passeggiatore Solitario and Exit Voto. The artist's work, influenced by the most traditional techniques, has been shown in art galleries worldwide, including Paris (Slown Gallerie and Ardulik, for the exhibition Methamorphose curated by Barbara Canepa) and Los Angeles (Luz of Jesus Gallery).

Luca Tomassini. Music composer and producer of soundtracks for theatre, TV, videogames and other media. Luca "Jontom" Tomassini plays ukulele for international music festival (USA Tour 2010, Melbourne Ukulele Festival and AUS Tour 2010, 41st Ukulele Festival Hawaii 2011, Crown Guitarfest TN 2013). From 2016 he works for the JingleTV Media & Music Productions, and he publishes his music mostly for the Turkish entertainment market.

TRANS-SI♭ Credits

Pretty simple: composed, arranged and mastered by Luca Tomassini.

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